December 1, 2022

Why Didn't Pat LaMarche Participate In My Interview?

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It now appears that the registered voters of Maine have only five choices left on the ballot come November – that is if the five remaining hang on that long. Left are Baldacci, Merrill, Woodcock, LaMarche and NaPier.

I had asked four of these to participate in an online interview – Baldacci, Merrill, Woodcock and LaMarche – giving each candidate a chance to answer six questions and make a general statement.

Those of you who have been following know that three of the four who participated were Baldacci, Merrill and Woodcock. Even though LaMarche, green party candidate, contacted me to tell me that she would participate, after I sent the questions I never heard back again.

In all honesty I was surprised to think that a member of the green party would actually answer questions for hunters, fishermen and trappers. I made the assumption that she might not be a big fan of Maine’s rich heritage.

My theory may have been strongly supported when I read in the Lewiston Sun-Journal this morning that Pat LaMarche has won the endorsement of the Maine chapter of Friends of Animals. For those with a short memory, they are the ones in 2004 that initiated the referendum to end hunting bear with bait, dogs and traps.

Maine Friends of Animals, which unsuccessfully tried to ban bear hunting with bait, traps and dogs two years ago, has endorsed Green Independent Pat LaMarche in the governor’s race.

“Many Democrats who supported the bear referendum have not forgotten Gov. Baldacci’s support and illegal use of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to defeat the referendum,” said Robert Fisk, the group’s president. “Chandler Woodcock has shown no interest in animal welfare issues, and like Baldacci, is strongly supported by Maine’s extreme hunting lobby.”

I love Fisk’s choice of words in describing Woodcock and Baldacci as being “strongly supported by Maine’s extreme hunting lobby”.

I fully understand that a candidate doesn’t have a choice should some group such as the extreme left-wing, anti-hunting group Friends of Animals decides to back them. I also can make a logical leap and say that there is a reason a group such as this extreme one supports LaMarche for governor.

Tom Remington