June 10, 2023

Iowa Wildlife Biologists Says More Hunting Lands Need To Be Opened

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A wildlife biologist in Iowa is saying that Iowa’s deer population is too big and the only way it is going to be reduced proportionally is to get more acres open to hunting.

Willie Suchy, a wildlife biologist with the state of Iowa says:

in order to decrease the amount of deer in Iowa, cities and counties in Iowa have to open up all areas for hunting.

“Deer are pretty adaptable. They are used to being undisturbed. When they see someone around that is trying to take their lives, they react differently. It changes their behavior,” he said. “The trick is to see how much hunting you can get into an area.”

For more on what Suchy has to say about the deer in Iowa, follow this link to the Ottumwa Courier.

Tom Remington