January 27, 2023

Idaho Elk Farmer Plans To Sue The State

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Rex Rammell, owner of the Chief Joseph elk reserve, says he plans to file a lawsuit against the state of Idaho because he believes that Governor Jim Risch had no legitimate reason to sign an executive order to shoot and kill his escaped elk.

On Monday, officials from the fish and game were able to shoot and kill 8 elk, believed to have been 5 cows and 3 calves. Tissue samples were sent to a lab for testing for disease and genetic purity.

The head of the Idaho Deparment of Fish and Game said that his people will continue searching for the missing elk and kill as many as they can find.

The initial report stated that as many as 160-200 elk escaped the Chief Joseph ranch back in mid-August. In actuality, I’m not sure anyone, including the owner, knows how many elk escaped. One report had the numbers as low as 50 or 60.

Rammell has been capturing as many of his animals as possible. It is said that he has been successful in getting at least a dozen. Rammell says his efforts to continue capturing have been hampered by the helicopters and aircraft being used by wildlife officials to locate the herd.

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Tom Remington