December 7, 2022

New Blog: Outdoors with Norm

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I would like to introduce a new blogger to the outdoor blogger world. Outdoors with Norm just took off a few days ago over the weekend. He will be blogging mostly about the New England outdoors including hunting and fishing. But he will be posting from time to time on things outside of New England, for example his adventure in Colorado.

So make sure to head on over and welcome him to the world of outdoor blogging. I have also posted a bio he wrote about himself and photo below.

Hello, my name is Norman Sargent. My goal for this site is a chance for us to come and learn from each other. A place to have fun, share ideas, and keep everyone informed of things happening in our region. I also will be doing a daily devotional. This will be a non denominational approach. This is meant to encourage fellow sportsmen through a short word from the Bible and how this might relate to activities each of us may enjoy.

I grew up in the “outdoors” of Maine. I have lived here all my life except for seven years I spent in Colorado. I have a tremendous wife who “puts up” with my outdoor adventures. Other than my wife I have a seventeen year old step son, fourteen year old step daughter and a twenty month old son. Being a dad is the most exciting adventure I have experienced.

I hope that everyone has a good time while checking out our site. I look forward to learning from everyone here. If you ever have comments or questions do not hesitate to contact me at

Steven Remington