January 29, 2023

Overall Approval Of Hunting On The Incline

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Amid all the misinformation that the press and anti-hunters love to often spew, comes the results of a new survey that reveals that more people approve of hunting and fishing than ever before.

The survey, conducted by Responsive Management, polled Americans 18 and older and it found that 78% of them approve of hunting and fishing. This is up from 73% a decade ago.

The biggest reason for the increase is believed to be that Americans are recognizing the significant role that hunters play in wildlife management. They are beginning to understand that hunting is the best tool wildlife experts have in maintaining healthy game populations.

Three out of four American approve of hunting and nine out of ten approve of recreational fishing.

Contrary to what those who want to see an end to hunting say, interest and approval by the general public is on the rise and this is good for our sport.

Tom Remington