June 6, 2023

Colorado And Idaho Experience Antelope Poaching

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Colorado and Idaho authorities are asking for the help of the general public in finding who poached pronghorn antelope.

In Colorado, officials responded to a call and discovered three pronghorn carcasses in a vacant lot in southeast Colorado Springs far from any pronghorn habitat.

Experts in poaching affairs generally can put into one of three categories the kind of poacher they are dealing with. One is the poacher that kills for the meat. A second is the one that kills for the trophy and the third is the one that kills for kicks. In the Colorado case, they believe they are dealing with the latter, a poacher who kills for the maliciousness of it.

Meanwhile in Idaho, authorities need help in finding who killed six pronghorn antelope and left the remains next to State Highway 55 near Horseshoe Bend Hill. Two bucks, three does and a fawn where found partially dismembered beside the road. The heads of both bucks were taken.

If you or anyone you know has any information that might be of help to authorities in finding those responsible, you are urge to contact your local authorities.

Tom Remington