September 29, 2022

In New Hampshire, Unit M Permits Available, Bear Numbers Down, Deer Numbers Same

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New Hampshire Fish and Game is announcing that there are still over 1,600 Unit M Special Deer permits available. They are being sold on a first-come first-serve basis. A Unit M Special Deer permit allows a hunter to take an extra antlerless deer in that unit during the archery, muzzleloader or firearms season. Permits applications can be downloaded online or purchased over the counter at Fish and Game headquarters.

Bear season go underway on September 1, 2006. At the time of the latest report on September 19, 99 bear had been registered with Fish and Game. During the same period last year, 263 bear were taken.

Numbers are down significantly and officials attribute it to the abundance of natural foods for the animals.

Deer archery season began on September 15 and so far 523 deer have been harvested. This is close to the same time period as last year but down from years previous. Once again, the abundance of acorns, apples and beechnuts affecting deer movement and hunters will need to adjust tactics accordingly.

Game officials are releasing 13,500 pheasants for the opening of pheasant season on October 1. The season will run until December 31 and has a daily bag limit of 2 birds and a season total limit of 10.

Tom Remington