January 28, 2023

Hunters' Responsibilities

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It is the responsibility of a hunter to know the laws, to abide by them and to know where they are at all times. Before a safe hunter would discharge a weapon, they would know how far they are from all buildings, streets, cars and other people.

Evidently this was not the case in Alachua County, Florida. In Florida, schools have what is refered to as a “lockdown” procedure. Anytime there is any kind of potential danger that could put school children at risk, a school is shut down and locked up, keeping the children inside the building and safe. This is a good procedure and one that is unfortunately a part of our everyday lives.

A man was squirrel hunting neaby a school in that county. He was spotted by a resident, who not knowing what the man was doing, alerted authorities who immediately ordered a lockdown.

On Tuesday in Gilchrist County, two 17-year olds where squirrel hunting next to the school property and once again officers had to order a lockdown.

Hunters need to be responsible and think before doing something like this.

Tom Remington