November 29, 2022

"If Stupidity Was A Crime, A Lot Of People Would Be Under Arrest"

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That was a quote that came from Officer Chris Gardner of the Eastport, Maine Police Department. This in response to a lockdown that was implemented at Shead High School after someone spotted a man carrying a rifle on school property. The man entered the woods near the school.

The lockdown went off cleanly and served as a good test of the system. Once the lockdown was over, students were assembled in the auditorium and explained what happened.

Officers entered the woods and located an unidentified man carrying a BB gun with a scope on it. “He said, ‘I do it all the time.'” The officer replied, “Not anymore!”

Gardner seized the gun and sent the man home. “If stupidity was a crime, a lot of people would be under arrest,” he said.

This report comes on the heels of two incidents of similar circumstances in Florida.

Tom Remington