February 3, 2023

Five Stages Of The Evolution Of A Hunter

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According to Michael Babcock, writer for the Great Falls Tribune, researchers claim to know that there are five stages in the evolution of a hunter.

Shooter stage

The hunter measures the quality of the hunt by how much shooting he or she gets.

Limiting-out stage

The hunter gains major satisfaction from filling every tag or taking the limit of game allowed by law.

Trophy stage

The hunter becomes selective, seeking only a record-book animal.

Method stage

The taking of game becomes secondary to the method by which it is taken. Sometimes the progression is from modern firearms to more challenging methods such as archery.

Sportsman or philosopher stage

The hunter may be satisfied just to be out enjoying and sharing the outdoor experience.

Using these five steps, education bureau chief for the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Thomas Beaumeister, says that for a hunter to develop to the stage of giving back to the hunting community, they have to progress through all five stages.

“It is very valid and scientifically supported,” said Thomas Baumeister, education bureau chief for Fish, Wildlife & Parks. “You have to progress through all stages in order to come out in the philosopher stage, at which time you give back, where you become a hunter ed instructor or where they come over to the Legislature and support bills.”

Baumeister also believes that to get young people into that first stage, they have to draw blood.

Baumeister said it is important for young hunters to draw blood to enter that first stage of the hunting progression.

“To some that might sound offensive, but in all reality, if we want to do something for wildlife conservation, we make sure that kids can draw blood the first season,” he said. “It is important to understand what they need, not what you need.

“They don’t need a big wilderness trip. They need an outing with lots of candy, lots of fun, a gun that shoots and lots of action.

“It is not so important (the young hunter) bags three roosters, but it is important that he fires that gun at a rooster. A couple hours may be all that’sneeded,” he said. “But it has to be a great time. Going to the café and getting that chocolate shake is important. In this whole context, the social part of it is important.”

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Tom Remington