September 28, 2023

Maine Hunting Today Staff Writer Publishes Book

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A. Sayward Lamb
“Deer Tails and Other Tales”

A. Sayward Lamb writes of his adventures in the outdoors for U.S. Hunting Today, including Maine Hunting Today and Maine Fishing Today. A Maine native and 79 years young, Sayward spends as much time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, canoeing or just getting into trouble.

Sayward began collecting his stories years ago with the idea that someday he could pass them down to his family. Now he’s gone one step further and published them in a book.

This morning, the Lewiston Sun Journal carries a story by Rebecca Goldfine about the release of his book.

You can also visit Maine Hunting Today here and read more about the book and how to order a copy.

Tom Remington