December 9, 2022

Idaho Governor Calls Off Elk Depredation Hunt…..Sort Of

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The Governor’s office in Idaho announced that they are calling off the elk depredation hunt to locate and kill any remaining domestic elk that escaped from the Chief Joseph ranch in eastern Idaho back in mid-August.

According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide the hunt was called off but not really.

“The number of animals has declined and our field officers believe that the majority of domestic elk are on private property,” Idaho Fish and Game spokesman Steve Schmidt said Thursday. “What we’re doing from this point forward is limiting the hunt to just the landowners in the area.”

Schmidt couldn’t say whether state officials would continue to hunt the animals.

“We don’t have any specific plans at this time,” he said. “But we will still keep that option open.”

In reality, the depredation hunt has only partially been halted, leaving open the option for private landowners to kill any domestic elk they find roaming on their land.

Evidently the Idaho Department of Agriculture has worked with Chief Joseph owner Rex Rammell to move most all of the remaining captured elk to another elk farm north and west of St. Anthony.

What’s not being reported by the press is that Rammell is finding wounded elk near his ranch as he is still making efforts to recapture the animals. According to Kristy Sterns of the Black Canyon Elk Ranch one of Rammell’s calf elk has been shot in the leg and wounded.

I talked to Rammell’s wife Linda for the 1st time today, and boy is this whole thing sad. They found one of their calves shot in the leg running around, but couldn’t catch it.

Another item that I consider extremely important that for some reason hasn’t made front page headlines is that test results on 14 of the killed elk has returned showing no evidence of brucellosis, no evidence of TB and shows genetic purity. Test results for chronic wasting disease will take a few days longer because those tests are done in a lab in Iowa.

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Tom Remington