December 5, 2022

You Better Check Outside And See If You Misplaced Your Caribou

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Say what?? You don’t have a caribou? Neither do I but somebody is missing one, may it rest in peace.

Colorado officials are scratching their heads trying to figure out where a caribou that was hit by a passing automobile came from.

Witnesses say they has spotted a caribou feeding in a meadow near U.S Route 85 south of LaSalle, Colorado. A passing train blowing its horn spooked the animal causing it to jump in front of a passing car killing the animal instantly. It weighed in at 350 pounds and officials say in had a big rack of horns.

So, now they know what killed it they just are puzzled as to where it came from.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture, Division of Wildlife and State Veterinarian’s office said they had no records of caribou in Colorado.

Tom Remington