February 8, 2023

Landowner Appreciation Awards

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This years recipients on the Maine Landowner Appriciation Awards are listed below. Without people like these and others across Maine and the rest of this great nation, many of us outdoor enthusiasts wouldn’t have a place to play. Make sure to thank those landowners who open their lands to us.

Private Landowner ~ 100 acres or less
George McKenny nominated by: Palermo Snowmobile Club
Frank & Maryann Janusz nominated by: Acadia Area ATV’ers

Private Landowner ~ 100 acres or more
Peter Holman nominated by: Poodunk Snowmobile Club
Nate & Diana Merrill nominated by: Palmyra Snowmobile Club

Corporate Landowner
Plum Creek Timberlands nominated by: Kennebec Wilderness Mountain Club and Border Riders Sportsman Club

Linkletter Timberlands nominated by: A.T.V. Maine

Tom Remington