December 9, 2023

Stetson Man Wins Maine Warden Truck

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warden truck.jpg

Grand Prize Winner Timothy Moore of Stetson drove away in his 1957 Replica Warden Truck, after being drawn from a pool of over 275,000 applicants.

Moore was automatically entered the truck drawing after he purchased his sporting license online using the Department’s MOSES license system (Maine Online Sportsmen Electronic System). Moore had purchased his license online in early January this past year one evening.

The Department devised the ’57 warden truck replica giveaway as a way to attract more users to the Moses system. Early returns show that it worked even better than expected.

Overall, Internet license sales are up 44%, and last year, 38% of all moose hunters applied online. Even more astounding, over 3 out of 5 people applied online for their any deer permit.

In order to enter, all customers had to do was buy a 2006 license on-line or at one of our 120 MOSES agents throughout the state, and they were automatically entered in the drawing. Entry also took place by applying for a Moose or Any-Deer permit on-line.

The idea behind the contest was to drive customers to the more efficient and cost saving MOSES system. Using the MOSES saves the department money in eliminating the costs associated with data entry, printing and mailing. The drawing was a way of giving customers a unique incentive for using our on-line services. The truck program was funded though the sales of IFW logo merchandise.

We are excited to announce that this years Classic Prize will be a handcrafted Rangeley Boat from Rangeley Boat of Carrabassett Valley. Buy any 2007 license or apply for your Any Deer or Moose Hunt Lottery online or at any MOSES AGENT and get in to win!

Tom Remington