October 3, 2022

I Checked And It's Not My Caribou

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Last Wednesday, I told you about a caribou that ended up killed after being hit by a car in Colorado. Officials there said they had no idea where the animal came from. They had no records of anyone owning any caribou in or near the state.

The animal had been seen grazing in a field near U.S. Route 85. A passing train, blowing its whistle, startled the caribou. It ran into the road and consequently got hit and died.

It now appears that the caribou belonged to a Weld man who had the critter for the fun of it. Officials think the caribou made his escape from the owner after being chased by coyotes.

The owner of the caribou wishes to remain anonymous and no charges have been filed because Colorado wildlife officials say nothing has been done that is illegal.

You can stop looking in your backyard now to see if you have lost a caribou.

Tom Remington