October 6, 2022

Bless This Food And Us That Eats It

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Camp cookstove and breakfast

Our camp has character, another nice term for old and rundown. One item that adds character is the wood cookstove. This stove is our only source of heat as well. The camp is rustic – gas lights, no running water, no electricity, no insulation – you get the picture, maybe. The mice and snakes make an exception and allow us one week out of the year to visit. The trade-off is the crumbs of food we leave behind and a warm camp for a little while.

Some nights, the person who opts to sleep on the couch downstairs gets to tend the fire. Many nights we wish they would stop thowing wood on the fire as a heavy sleeping bag and sacking out upstairs on top of the wood cookstove makes it warmer than we would like it to be. Other times, nobody wants to unzip the sleeping back to get out of to go to the bathroom – outdoors – or just to put wood on the fire.

Morning happens about 4 am – well it used to when camp had more young guns in it. Now it happens by 5 usually but takes us all a couple hours longer to get breakfast, geared up and in the woods.

Scrambled eggs work pretty good. We go through a good 12 dozen eggs in 6 1/2 days.

If you look just to the left of the back of the stove you’ll see the back wall of the camp. In case you can’t tell, the wall is period decorated in early American cardboard.

Tom Remington