October 1, 2022

NWTF Releases Turkeys Back Into the Wild

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This week the NWTF released turkeys back into the wild near Tampa and Salt Lake City as a way of celebrating hard work and turkey restoration for the last 30 years. In the 1930’s the wild turkey population was at an all time low with nearly 30,000 spanning all of North America. With the hard work of the NWTF we have seen a dramatic success in turkey restoration.

Initial restoration efforts involved the release of pen-raised wild turkeys, but quickly proved fruitless, however, because pen-raised birds did not have necessary skills to survive in the wild. Thanks to the development of the cannon net, and later the rocket net, wildlife professionals began catching wild birds and moving them into suitable areas to start new populations.

Because of the tireless efforts of state and provincial agencies, the NWTF and thousands of volunteers have helped transfer more than 188,000 wild turkeys to restore turkey populations across the country.

Kids from school groups and others attended the event, learning more about how the restoration process began and what it takes to keep our wild turkeys striving in the field.

CBS Early Show
I even watched this morning on the CBS Early Show about this event and immediately I was sickened by the liberal bias of our news media. After everything the NWTF has done for the wild turkey there seemed to have been problems by reporters that the turkeys were gathered up and released back into the wild where they originally came from. The reporters asked what the turkeys got out of this event with a response, “A bad night in a box.” The CBS reporter felt that the NWTF was lying to our children and that the event was too close to turkey hunting season that there was possibly more to this event than simply teaching our kids about the restoration process.

First off it sickens me to think our media is clueless on a long time American heritage of hunting these wild turkeys. If it wasn’t for the NWTF we would never have seen as many turkeys as we do today. The event is not lying to our youth. It is a day of celebration and learning. It is a day of passing on tradition to our next generation by showing them the importance of our hunting heritage.

These anti-hunting groups and media outlets are the ones lying to our youth with the reporting of lies and persuasion. The reporter went on to say how he wanted to tell all the children the truth about the day. I am sorry but what is it the NWTF is lying to our children about? When I go to watch Tecumseh, a famous outdoor act about a famous Indian during the times of the Revolutionary War do I feel I am being lied to because the event is only a reinactment of what happened over 200 years ago? No. It is the celebration, and the honoring of important pieces of our history.

Steven Remington