January 30, 2023

Wyoming's Director Of Fish And Game Says Wolves Threaten Elk Hunting

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Terry Cleveland, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, says so far a delicate balance is being struck for the co-existence of wolves and elk in northwest Wyoming – around the Yellowstone area. He warns that unless measures are taken soon to curb the rapid growth of wolves in that area and the rest of the state, the appetite of the wolf for elk is going to have a dramatic impact on the elk population.

Currently, Wyoming is suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in order to get the Feds to accept their wolf management plan. USFWS wants to delist the wolf in the areas around Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The USFWS has approved plans for Montana and Idaho but will not approve Wyoming’s because they say it provides for too much ease of shooting wolves statewide. Until all plans are approved, the Feds will not delist the wolf.

Tom Remington