February 7, 2023

Deer Check Station Moved Because It Might Offend Someone

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*WARNING!!! I MIGHT SAY SOMETHING OFFENSIVE!!!* If you don’t want to be offended, don’t look…..but I know you can’t help yourself.

When I was a child, I really believed that if I covered my eyes so I couldn’t see anything, nobody could see me either. Now that I’m not a child anymore, I think I have finally figured it out. Not true for some though.

In Upton, Massachusetts, biologists working for the state collecting data which is critical to the management of a healthy deer population, set up a check-in station in the parking lot of the VFW hall. This area was about 100 yards away from a town playground, according to Danielle Williamson of the Milford Daily News. This offended one man so he complained to the Chief of Police, Thomas Stockwell. Stockwell then asked that the station be moved.

Officials, perplexed that someone would complain, ended up moving the station out behind the building but that didn’t stop those curious enough to go check out the happenings.

*Oh, oh, oh, be careful. You might not like what comes next.*

Hunting is very much a part of American heritage and I have news for those who might think that hunting is going to go away. It’s not. While I don’t propose forcing anyone to look at a dead animal who doesn’t choose to, I also don’t believe that covering up your eyes and pretending it isn’t there is the answer either.

100 yards is the length of a football field and for anyone to take offense would have to be doing the “heavy looking on” as the old saying goes. There are many things that we all can find “offensive” but tolerance, respect and understanding can go a long ways – or does that only pertain to others concerning things you don’t like?

*It gets worse!*

I personally find it offensive when fat people wear tight fitting clothing but I don’t run to the police to make them stop. I find it offensive to see two men holding hands and kissing in public but I don’t run to the police and make them stop. I find liberals offensive to listen to but I tolerate them.

If you don’t like what you see by craning your neck to observe, stop looking. Or maybe a better thing to do is let your child’s own curiousity ask questions if they see fit and you as a responsible parent can use the opportunity to educate them as to what living in America is ALL about. But if you don’t agree, you probably think that playing tag on the playground is a dangerous game and is unfair and may cause a child to grow up with inferiority complexes because they were tagged more often than the other kids.

*You really don’t want to read the rest. It’s bad.*

If that description fits you, I would suggest burying your head in the sand somewhere and just pretending that Ted Kennedy is a Massachusetts conservative, that John Kerry is president and Al Gore really won the election in 2000. Life couldn’t be any better for you. Oh, yeah! And you can go down to Wal-Mart and buy a plastic gun to protect yourself and your family, because in Massachusetts, guns aren’t allowed. Oh, no, wait! Wal-Mart won’t work either because they run an unfair business, underpricing other companies and hiring disadvantaged people and forcing them to work for substandard wages and benefits.

I’m glad I don’t live that way.

Tom Remington

And now you can cry in the comments section about what an evil person I am because I think people should be free to live. Oh, nasty, nasty statement to make to a control freak.