January 27, 2023

What Happens When You Hit A Deer With An SUV At 70 MPH?

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Rod Davis emailed this series of photographs that GRAPHICALLY depict the results of what happens when an SUV, traveling at 70 mph, strikes a deer in the road. This is something that we hear about and some of us have experienced but I’m not sure that too many of us have seen it presented this way.

I wasn’t planning to use these photos with this site but I got thinking about it and decided that sometimes reality is what it takes to get people to understand that running into large animals like this can be deadly. If it might save a life, presenting these photos will be worth the risk of offending someone.

* WARNING * The photos are graphic and I strongly do not recommend anyone with a weak stomach or children to view these without parental guidance – seriously!

You can view the photos by clicking on this link.

Tom Remington