April 2, 2023

Maine Inland Fisheries And Wildlife Hitting The Airwaves

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From Mark Latti, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Fish And Wildlife Outdoors Radio Is On The Air – Outdoor Information All The Time

KITTERY, Maine – Radio listeners with a passion for the outdoors now have a station dedicated to their favorite pursuits, Fish and Wildlife Outdoors Radio, 1640 AM on the Maine Turnpike.

Motorists will be prompted to tune in by a sign stationed along the turnpike in Kittery. This AM radio station is broadcast along the southern range of the turnpike in the York-Kittery area. Motorists can tune to the station on AM 1640 and get important, timely information that will enhance their outdoor experience when they are in Maine. The radio station has a range of approximately 15 miles on the turnpike.

“The Fishing, Hunting, and outdoor recreational opportunities that Maine’s residents and our visitors enjoy have no equal in the Eastern United States,” said Governor John E. Baldacci. “These pursuits are important, not only for their recreational value, but because they provide significant positive economic impact for Maine’s economy.”

Maine has long been a destination for those with a passion for outdoor recreation. Fish and Wildlife Outdoors Radio will greet those entering Maine, and broadcast updated seasonal information on hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching, as well as important safety tips concerning hiking, snowmobiling, boating and other outdoor pursuits.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the department to share important and timely outdoor information with folks as they just arrive in Maine to fish, hunt, snowmobile and enjoy the endless outdoors opportunities our state has to offer,” said Roland D. Martin, Commissioner, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife Outdoors Radio will also share vital contact information and messaging about the Maine Warden Service’s important anti-poaching and illegal fish introduction prevention efforts through the Operation Game Thief Program.

The radio station was created by Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Marketing Specialist Bill Pierce, who worked in conjunction with the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Department of Transportation. Pierce’s idea was to give outdoor recreationalists the information they needed before they go outdoors in Maine. The Outdoor Partners Program, a mobile informational trailer that appears at over 60 outdoor events each year, was designed by Pierce to reach people who already were in state, and Fish and Wildlife Outdoors Radio will reach those entering the state.

“This radio station will provide timely and important information on a variety of issues that will give people the knowledge they can use to get the most out of their time spent outdoors in Maine,” said Pierce.

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Radio Sign

Tom Remington