December 2, 2022

Rex Rammell Arrested, Again….Cow Elk Tests Positive For Red Deer Genes

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Will there ever be a resolve to this story? Rex Rammell, an Idaho veterinary and owner of the Chief Joseph Elk Ranch in eastern Idaho, was arrested for failing to show up for a court date. Rammell’s elk escaped his ranch back in August and that has set off a series of events that to be called controversial would be an understatement.

Rex Rammell

Rammell claims he was never notified of his court date and says a letter came days after the scheduled date. He was arrested at the court house while there on unrelated business.

Rex Rammell was arrested Monday over a failure to appear warrant. However, Rammell says the letter telling him when his court date was arrived several days after his hearing.

Rex Rammell: “They have made no attempt to contact me. A simple phone call asking me where I was – I would have showed up that day. I was at home.”

The three-ring circus show continues as prosecutors, according to Rammell and his attorney, offered to drop the arrest warrant if he agreed to a plea deal. Rammell rejected the idea.

“I think what I’m going to do is file a false arrest against Fremont County for what they’ve done.”

According to KPVI Channel 6 News, the lone elk that was retested for genetic content, came back positive for red deer genes. What this means is totally unclear and confusing to say the least. All of Rammell’s elk were cleared of genetic impurities before being allowed into the state. If no other elk have tested positive, one has to ask why just this one? Rammell maintains it to be another false positive result.

Idaho is grappling with whether to completely outlaw all elk ranching. With the events at the Rammell ranch this past summer and the continuing saga of Rammell vs. the state of Idaho, only fuels the debate. Will emotion win out over science?

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Tom Remington