January 28, 2023

Sen. Robert Littell Thinks Jackson's Bear Proof Garbage Cans Idea "Unconscionable"

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Only a few hours after completing my story to you about the ineptitude of the New Jersey DEP and the town of West Milford in trying to get bear-proof garbage cans made, Senator Robert Littell has a few choice words to say about Jackson’s multi-million dollar anti-hunting campaign.

To the Editor:

It is unconscionable that Commissioner Jackson would propose requiring the citizens who live in ‘bear country to use bear-proof containers.’ This unwarranted mandate from the Trenton bureaucrats would cost millions of dollars to further an extremist anti-hunting agenda..

In fact, DEP’s own information sheet on the web lists prices for commercial bear-proof garbage containers that range from $348 to more than $800. The prices for commercial bear-proof dumpsters range in the thousands of dollars. And bear-proof containers have not proven to be one hundred percent effective.

Sussex, Morris, Hunterdon and Warren counties had a combined total of 302,000 households in the 2000 census. Multiplying the number of households by just $400 would drive the price of a bear-proof garbage container to more than $121 million for the four counties. A price that would certainly be borne by the taxpayers.

It is wrong to propose an expensive proposal like this when a scientifically valid, time-tested alternative exists – a controlled hunt. The taxpayers of this state should not be forced to fund a politically-motivated wildlife management experiment.

Sen. Robert Littell

Enough said, I guess!

Tom Remington