December 11, 2023

Now's Your Chance To Be On Reality TV?

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We’ve all heard of the World Hunting Association. They are the ones that decided that to better promote hunting they would pick a few good hunters and televise trophy hunts. It would be like a professional hunters organization. They wanted to mimic bass fishing sort of, kinda, well, almost but not really.

It now appears that the WHA is looking for some participants – five men and five women. I don’t know if the call going out is because they are having trouble finding anyone or this is just part of the process. Interested??? The Chattanoogan lists the requirements to apply and other details.

To enter, register at , and then submit the following items:

1. The casting call video: Send us a video clip, (under five minutes) on why you should be on the TV show. Upload submissions to the website, in the preferred MPEG format or mail your entries to the WHA.

2. Submit a 1,000-word article on the future of the hunting industry.
3. Submit a 300-word article on your best hunting tips.
4. Submit up to 10 photos of yourself with your best game trophies.

All entries will be posted on , where visitors can vote for their favorite submissions. The votes will determine the top 10 finalists (5 men and 5 women). The WHA Professionals will be selecting the final two contestants to participate in a cutting edge hunting Reality TV Show.

Tom Remington