January 28, 2023

Maine Public Broadcasting Interviews Me Today About Megan Ripley Hunting Accident

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This morning, Susan Sharon, deputy news director for Maine Public Broadcasting Network, contacted me about the tragic accident of Megan Ripley, the 18-year old who was shot and killed behind her home on the Christian Ridge Road in South Paris, Maine.

Although there still remains very few facts about the case being released by the Maine Warden Service or Maine State Police, we do know that today, Timothy Bean, 51 of South Paris has been charged with manslaughter. A February 22 court date has been set.

For those interested in the story that aired on Maine Things Considered tonight, you can follow this link and listen to the broadcast. The story runs right after the headlines about 4 minutes into the broadcast.

*Update* I recorded only the portion of the news broadcast that contains the story and interview. It is about 4 minutes long. Click this link to download in mp3 format. I must say though that the quality is not the best and you’ll need to turn up your volume too.

Or listen to it in our own player.


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Tom Remington