October 2, 2022

Pennyslvania Continues Debate On Sunday Hunting

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It appears that no matter which end of the country you hunt, the idea of Sunday hunting produces a mixed bag. Even through the vast majority of states allow Sunday hunting, the few that don’t seem to always be debating whether they should. A recent debate in North Carolina is proving to be one against the proposition. At one time it appeared that the game commission was going to recommend to the legislature that Sunday hunting be allowed but at the last minute opted to make no recommendation at all.

The debate in North Carolina continues even though all polls show that the majority aren’t interested in Sunday hunting, including hunters. One group mostly opposed is landowners and that presents problems of its own. But the poll results in North Carolina aren’t that much different than in other states, including Pennsylvania. At best, people there are split over which way it should go.

There’s one guy in Pennsylvania who says he’s listened to enough debate and read enough polls. He believes it’s time to do something about it. He is organizing and preparing to storm the state house with those wanting to see Sunday hunting open up in the Keystone state.

You can read all about his campaign and more on how Pennsylvania sportsmen and landowners line up on the issue, by clicking this link to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Tom Remington