February 2, 2023

Hunting Rifle Locked In A Toolbox On Campus = ??????

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Here’s the story as it appears in the Tennessean. Unfortunately there are very few details. Read it and speak up if you have a mind to.

THOMPSON’S STATION – A hunting riffle and ammunition were confiscated from a locked toolbox inside an Independence High School student’s truck Friday.

A student reported the gun to the School Resource Officer, said Williamson County Schools Communications Director Carol Birdsong.

Principal Marilyn Webb called about 1,500 households that day, using the school district’s phone notification system, to let parents know what had happened.

“I want to emphasize that students were safe at all times,” Webb said in the message.

It’s a zero tolerance offense and means an automatic one-year suspension, according to state law, Birdsong said. The student will be offered the opportunity to take classes at the school district’s Alternative Learning Center, she said.

Birdsong said Webb’s message may have staved off any misinformation about the incident, which was helpful in the school community the same day of a home game.

In her recorded message, Webb asked parents to remind children of zero-tolerance offenses and also asked parents to encourage children to report any rumors about abnormal student behavior to an adult at the school.

If you visit the website, you can read readers comments about this incident. Amazing! That’s all I got to say. Amazing!

Tom Remington