February 4, 2023

To The Disappointment Of Deranged Cheney Haters, He Did Not Shoot A Deer And Leave It On His Lawn

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There are so many obsessed Bush and Cheney haters from the left side of the blogosphere, that when word got out that people had spotted a dead deer laying beside the road near the Vice President’s home on the property of the Naval Observatory, they wanted to accuse him of poaching or spin a story that he had had another hunting accident and errantly shot a deer illegally.

The story spun so wildly that now the deer is laying on Cheney’s front lawn and has been there for days. The truth is the deer was reportedly hit by a car and not reported but I’m sure this will only inspire the deranged left to claim conspiracy and cover-up.

Maybe they should concentrate on things that they find really important in the quality of life in America, like whether or not Miss USA should be given a second chance. They could join the rest of our MSM’s over the top coverage. Now that’s BIG news!

Tom Remington