December 11, 2023

Delaware Will Change Its Deer Hunting Tactics

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Now that I realize that Delaware is decades behind many states in developing good deer management tactics, let’s move on to the good stuff.

Delaware Department of Natural Resources has just completed a study that will help them discover where the deer are, how many deer are in those areas and develop a hunting season based on solid data rather than just a season open everywhere for the same amount of time. Their previous method of formulating a deer hunting season was never based on any good data. Well, now they have some.

To give you an example, which probably doesn’t surprise that many people, officials discovered that in eastern Sussex Country, the deer density is about 20 per square mile – mind you this is the lowest density in the state. On the flip side, New Castle County has a density greater than 145 per square mile. Yup, I think it’s time for some changes in Delaware.

Read more about it in Michael Short’s article in the Sussex Post.

Tom Remington