November 28, 2022

University Of Utah Wants Guns Banned

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Back in September, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that the University of Utah’s ban on guns for concealed carry permit holders was unconstitutional, meaning the University did not have a right to create a law in conflict with state law. Now that some lawmakers and the University understand who is ultimately in charge, they want to pass a law that would once again ban guns from most areas of the school.

“Now that the debate on who has control is over, we should have a discussion on if we should create a nuanced policy for universities,” Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, said at a meeting Tuesday.

The University of Utah would like to ban guns in dorms, classrooms, faculty offices, stadiums, arenas and campus hospitals, said Kim Wirthlin, vice president for government relations.

Would someone please show me where concealed carry permit holders are criminals and where legally permitted people have created a safety hazard to the public. People, including students because they are people too, have a right to defend themselves and fortunately there are lawmakers in Utah who agree.

“If I send my daughter to the ‘U’ and you take away her right to defend herself, what guarantee of safety can you give me?” asked Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, a West Valley City police officer.

Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi, agreed.

“If you take away people’s right to protect themselves, then you have to assume the liability of protection,” he said.

Senate President John Valentine, (R) Odem doesn’t agree with the 2nd Amendment right of protection.

Valentine said gun-rights supporters in the Legislature understand the need for some restrictions.

“Even the Second Amendment advocates are concerned with the issues in dorms and other communal areas, including safe storage of weapons,” he said.

He believes he is not the only one who thinks his way. Utah law makers will now be tested to see how strongly they believe in citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms.

Tom Remington