December 3, 2022

Why Do People Insist That Taking Guns Out Of The Hands Of Law Abiding Citizens Isn't Infringement?

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It makes no sense to me at all. It’s totally illogical and contradictory. I’m reading an editorial that vows that the new Legislature in Pennsylvania needs to do something to stop gun violence in the cities. After spending the first three quarters of the editorial instilling fear into the readers about how guns kill people and using the wounding of a police officer to get you on the anti-gun bandwagon, the writer goes on to say we have to stop the sale of guns and ammunition.

Last September marchers walked from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and held a rally in the state Capitol to support anti-violence legislation. Several bills aimed at some type of restrictions on gun sales, including one that would limit sales to one a month, were introduced. Chester Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, D-159, introduced legislation that would ban ammunition sales in Philadelphia to anyone who does not have a gun license. All of them were shot down.

A new Legislature was sworn in Tuesday. They are pledging a new period of reform and effective government.

They should start by tackling the scourge that is ravaging our streets — gun violence.

Then comes the real ignorant statement.

This should not be seen as an attack on anyone’s Second Amendment rights. It should be viewed as taking legitimate steps to make sure those who should not legally be able to get their hands on guns in fact do not.

If those who wield such bold statements believe them, then why don’t they address the statement they make? If their goal is to prevent criminals from being violent and killing people, then why are innocent people targeted?

The actions proposed in the Pennsylvania Legislature are attacks on Second Amendment rights. These people need to explain any logic behind thinking that disarming lawful people stops violence. They should stop taking the easy way out on this problem and address the PROBLEM. IT”S THE CRIMINAL STUPID!

Tom Remington