October 2, 2023

Virginia Hunters Now Favor Sunday Hunting

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Preliminary data is available on the recent hunter survey conducted by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. From the PRNewswire, here is a brief overview of the results.

The results from the 2006 survey, when compared with the results from a survey conducted in 1996, indicate a significant difference in hunters’ opinions about Sunday hunting has occurred in the last ten years.

When hunters were surveyed on this subject in 1996, the overall response was close. Slightly more hunters opposed Sunday hunting (48%) versus those who supported Sunday hunting (45%). It is worth noting, however, that of the 48% of hunters who opposed the concept of Sunday hunting in 1996, 45% were strongly opposed. Of the 45% supporting Sunday hunting, 39% strongly favored it.

The 2006 hunter survey results indicated that 62% of responding hunters expressed some level of support for Sunday hunting compared to 34% who were opposed. Of the 62% supporting Sunday hunting, 53% were strongly supportive. Of the 34% who opposed Sunday hunting, 28.5% were strongly opposed.

Bear in mind that these results are among hunters surveyed. This does not include non-hunters, including landowners and other outdoor enthusiasts. Before any decisions would be made in the Legislature, feedback would also be received from non-hunters.

Tom Remington