June 10, 2023

Meeting To Discuss New Hampshire Fish And Game Budget Shortfall

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I’ve written before about the problems New Hampshire Fish and Game is having finding funding to meet their operating expenses. To address some of the issues surrounding the budget shortfall and to further educate the public about its needs and the consequences of what might happen without sufficient funding, officials will have a public meeting in the North Country. Here’s the details.

You might have heard that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is in a financial crisis. Come find out more about this situation — and what it means for the North Country economy and its quality of life — at an informational session at the North Country Resource Center on Route 3 North in Lancaster from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 29. You’ll have a chance to:

* Meet Fish and Game’s regional staff in the North Country, and hear about the important fish, wildlife and conservation law work that is being done in the Great North Woods – work that is at risk if Fish and Game is not able to meet its budget needs.

* Get the latest update on Fish and Game’s current funding situation from Fish and Game Executive Director Lee Perry, who is working directly with the Governor and Legislature to find solution to the funding shortfall.

* Find out what you can do to help!

The continued abundance and health of fish, wildlife and their habitats is key to maintaining recreational opportunities for the North Country and income for related businesses. New Hampshire’s residents and natural resources depend on many services currently provided by Fish and Game, such as land conservation, reducing wildlife/human conflicts, wilderness search and rescue, fish stocking, OHRV safety and enforcement and many other programs.

For more about Fish and Game’s work in the North Country, visit http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Inside_FandG/Regional_Offices/region_1.htm

For more information on the North Country information meeting, please contact Sue Fogg at sfogg@nhfgd.org or (603) 788-3164.

An additional information session on Fish and Game funding will be held at N.H. Fish and Game headquarters in Concord, on February 1, 2007.

Tom Remington