December 6, 2022

Pine Marten And Mink Trapping Put On Hold In Colorado

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Last July, the Colorado Division of Wildlife announced that it would allow the trapping of pine marten and mink to be done with box traps. The Colorado Trappers Association had requested that CDOW lift the ban on nine fur bearer animals but only pine marten and mink were allowed.

It wasn’t long after that that Sinapu, a Boulder, Colorado based animal rights group made it known that they intended to file suit to stop the trapping saying it violated the trapping ban voted on by the public in 1996. DOW claims the ban did not include box traps, used to capture wild animals alive.

Yesterday, trapping was put on hold while Sinapu challenges the new ruling. What is really unfortunate besides the obvious expenses involved in contesting a frivolous lawsuit, is the time element that plays in the favor of the animal rights groups. It was July 2006 when DOW announced new rules to allow the trapping. It is now January 2007 and the trapping has been put on hold while the lawsuit sorts our the legalities. In the meantime, a court date has been scheduled for sometime next September, 2007. More than one year to solve such a ridiculous lawsuit.

Tom Remington