November 28, 2022

Concerned Sportsmen Of Idaho Sends Out A Message

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This is a statement made by Pete Ellsworth, president of the Concerned Sportsmen of Idaho.

I thought I as; President of a responsible group of outdoorsmen, Concerned Sportsmen of Idaho (CSI) should send this on to all of you in hopes that sportsmen can keep well informed. Here is the latest status of one of the claims made against the Idaho elk ranchers. The claim that one of the elk that escaped from Rammel’s elk ranch, was or may have been an elk / red deer hybrid. I hope this new finding will be on the front page of the newspapers and, especially in the Outdoor sections, all around the Pacific Northwest. There has been so much misinformation spread about Idaho elk ranches it has almost been criminal.
One event where this and more misinformation was spread was the Idaho Sportsman’s Caucus Advisory Council (ISCAC) sponsored Camo Day. At this Boise rally at the Capital, ISCAC, stood along-side of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the largest ANTI-HUNTING group in the our country. They and a few other ‘sportsman?’ groups openly campaigned Idaho legislators to remove ALL domestic elk ranching operations from Idaho.
This was spear-headed by people like ISCAC representative, Senator David Langhorst, the former Ketchum based Wolf Education & Research director. This group claims to be the largest wolf advocacy group in the world. It has members of the Board, such as Ed Bangs and David Mech.
Is ISCAC and these type of groups really the legislative representative for Idaho sportsmen? It sure hasn’t been from the many thousands of Idaho sportsmen I have talked to.
Few sportsmen or Idaho residents period that I know even want the Canadian gray wolves in Idaho. [Please don’t sight the Boise State (BS) study that clam most Idaho residents want wolves in Idaho. The initials BS then will take on an entirely different meaning.] Most outdoorsmen, myself included, were much more comfortable with the ‘natural recovery’ of the native Idaho timber wolf that was going on well before the whole “we need to ‘help nature’ by bringing in an entirely different strain of wolves from Canada and we need to do it right now.”
Although I may seem to have gotten off track in reporting and passing along this information on that there were New test shows no hybrid elk escaped from the Rammel ranch. I don’t think it takes much to see the ties between this and the things we see happening under the guise of ‘representation of Idaho sportsmen’ to our legislators.
A few weeks ago I saw the headlines in newspapers that read something like ‘Test show escaped Rammel elk red deer hybrid’. You had to read well into the article to find that one of the elk tests had come back inconclusive. After I finished reading the article I made a bet ‘when all the smoke clears’ that elk will be found not to have any red deer genes.
My ‘gut feeling’ about inconclusive tests, my knowledge of animal husbandry and liability in inaccurate claims were right. If you buy a certified pure Yellowstone elk and breed to other certified Yellowstone elk all the genes will be Yellowstone elk. If that didn’t happen the certified elk testing lab that checked the animals before they came into Idaho and the certified out-of-state breeder would be in deep legal and financial trouble. To put it simply ‘that ain’t going to happen’ there would have been way too much to loose and way to little to gain.

Pete Ellsworth
33620 Winchester Grade
Culdesac, ID 83524
208 843 5178

Tom Remington