February 2, 2023

Poll Results: How Old Should Kids Be Before Carrying a Rifle?

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We have been running a poll for the last week. The results were quite interesting. The question was:

How old should a kid be before he can go hunting and carry a rifle?

The question assumed that the kid hunting was being a responsible hunter at the time. We had 151 people vote and here are the results:

26% (40) said age 11-12
22% (33) said No age limit
19% (29) said age 13+
17% (26) said age 9-10
8% (12) said age 7-8
5% (7) said age 5-6
2% (3) said Never
1% (1) said age 3-4

Please make sure you vote in any new and upcoming polls. We will conduct them over on the left side of this blog in the sidebar area. Thanks!

Steve Remington