December 5, 2022

What Hunters Are Facing Everyday

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I’m not going to embarrass the person who wrote this editorial in a newspaper somewhere in America by printing their name and location. All I will say is this. With this kind of ignorance about hunting, there must be more we can do to educate the public about what really goes on in the woods.

Dear Editor,

Just about every time I look through your paper, I see young kids with high-powered guns in their hands along with a dead deer or turkey.

I must say how much this bothers me. I think letting kids go into the woods with guns should be outlawed.

I can almost see it now, the headlines in your paper, an eight year old boy shot and killed his father, mistaken him for a deer or a ten your old boy shot and killed another hunter, mistaken him for a deer.

I would like for all adult hunters to think about this before they go into the woods again. A young kid might already be hidden with a gun in his hands waiting on a deer to come by.

They would probably shoot anything that moves because they want to kill a deer so bad. Adult hunters should think about this, once you are shot and killed your life is gone forever and parents should think about how their childs life would be ruined forever if he or she was to shoot and killed another hunter.

Is a deer or turkey worth such a risk?

Tom Remington