September 27, 2023

Kentucky Governor Supports Tax Breaks For Landowners Who Open Their Lands

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Access to hunting lands is crippling outdoor recreation including hunting, fishing and trapping. In many states private land is leased to hunters and hunting groups often pricing middle and low income sportsmen out of their sport.

WYMT-TV website has an article that states the governor, Ernie Fletcher, supports the idea of offering tax breaks to private land owners willing to open their lands up for recreation, while at the same time protecting it from development.

“This is a very high-impact, low-cost way to achieve a dramatic increase in land conservation and wildlife recreation access,” Fletcher said at a news conference touting the plan.

Landowners who would opt to participate would have to agree to protect their land from development and leave it open to certain kinds of recreation.

Approved landowners, under the plan, would agree to protect their land from development and allow members of the public to use the land for certain outdoor activities – such as hunting and fishing, Fletcher said. In exchange, landowners would retain ownership and management of their land and qualify for a maximum $250,000 annual credit, and a $2.5 million lifetime break, on their personal or corporate income taxes, Fletcher said.

Governor Fletcher believes this plan would benefit all sportsmen, including the lower income.

“The nice thing about this is it takes away the advantage that wealthy sportsmen have and it opens this up to everyone, regardless of their demographic disposition,” Fletcher said.

Tom Remington