February 2, 2023

There Are More Hunters Than Some Believe

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I know I get tired of the same old rhetoric, “There’s fewer hunters today than ever before”. While I’ll agree that I’d like to see more interest in hunting, particularly in the younger age bracket, I think efforts underway in our country to continue the preservation and promote the heritage and decency of hunting, are helping to bolster numbers. One thing is for sure, hunters pay their way.

Results of a recent study completed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation reveal expenditures of the hunter over a lifetime among other things.

During his or her lifetime, an average American hunter spends $17,726.59 on hunting equipment. When licenses and lodging, food and fuel, magazines and meat processing, plus other expenses are included, the average lifetime total spent on hunting jumps to $96,017.92.

The Outdoor Industry Foundation also recently completed a survey of hunter participation.

A 2006 study suggests there are more hunters in the United States than previously thought. Nearly 12 percent of Americans 16 and older, or 26.4 million people, said they hunted with gun or bow last year.

This places the number of hunters in America higher than other organizations estimates. Latest reports by NSSF shows 23 million hunters, National Sporting Goods Association has 20.6 million and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there are 14.7 million hunters. Without knowing the particulars of criteria used, it is impossible to know what determines the differences.

Tom Remington