September 27, 2022

Super Bowl XLI

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The forty-first Super Bowl is over and once again it will go down in history as very forgettable. Here are a few of my observations for the game.

Highlights – Probably two coaches with the most class the game has ever seen. Congratulations to both of them for not feeling a need to yell, scream and talk trash to or about others, while keeping in perspective the fact that it is just another game.

Lowlights – Half-time entertainment by Prince or is it the Artist Formerly Known as Prince? No I guess it’s just Prince. The show wouldn’t have been too bad until it was decided to add perversion to it. For those who didn’t get it, it was when they used the blowers to shoot up an off-white sheet to show a silhouette of “The Artist” with his oddly designed guitar. The silhouette of him and the guitar created quite the phallic symbol. This rendering came at a time that was totally out of sequence with anything else in his act and was an obvious display of the perverse and demented society in which we live. Can’t entertainment be a statement of one’s ability to sing or dance or act or whatever without adding such obscenities? Completely unnecessary. What’s worse is I will probably be the only one complaining about it.

Disappointments – The biggest disappointment was the commercials. What has over time become one of the more entertaining parts of any Super Bowl have now morphed into distasteful, not very funny attempts at making an impression on viewers. I saw no ads that emitted any humor, several that made no sense, most that used violence and a handful that were distasteful and bordered on racist. I guess I am showing my age.

Prince - Super Bowl Half Time

Tom Remington