December 6, 2022

Oregon FWC Proposes Cervid Advisory Group

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Three petitions were rejected by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission earlier this year. Two petitions to put an end to elk and deer ranching came from MAD Elk and the Oregon Hunters Association and one from the elk ranchers that would allow the industry to continue.

According to the Statesman Journal, the 12-member advisory group would be made up of quite an array of representatives.

If approved, the group would be made of representatives from the Oregon Elk Breeders Association, the Department of Agriculture, the Oregon Hunters Association, the MAD Elk Coalition, a non-Fish and Wildlife biologist, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Fish and Wildlife, the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association and Oregon Farm Bureau.

If this proposal passes and the group is formed, their task will be to look at various aspects of the elk and deer ranching business and then make a recommendation to the OFWC, sometime in June during the regular meeting of the commission.

Among the issues that the advisory group would study are diseases, permit transfers and permit fees, fencing standards, genetics (both the animals and semen), the state’s response to escaped animal and economics, including record-keeping and reporting requirements.

At least it appears Oregon’s approach is a bit slower and willing to collect information and not acting hastily by being pressured by special interest groups. Let’s just hope the information this group gets to make its recommendation on is good science and doesn’t get bogged down with fear, hearsay and personal perspectives.

The meeting that should decide about the group is scheduled for Friday in Seaside.

Tom Remington