January 27, 2023

Fair Chase Is Fair Chase Done This Way Because I Said So

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There’s one thing about this job that makes it a bit like Christmas morning. As a kid you wake early and scurry downstairs to the tree to see what Santa left for you. In the mornings or after I’ve been away from my computer for a spell, it’s like Christmas as I open my mailbox(es) and see what treats are in there. Sometimes it is coal, big black pieces of dirty smelly coal. Other times the gifts are priceless.

Once I returned from the garage after dropping off my Camry to get a front main oil seal replaced, my mailbox was full. I have yet to open up all the presents but I did find this one intriguing. For whatever the reasons, the writer wanted his last name left off but had given Pete Ellsworth, president of the Concerned Sportsmen of Idaho permission to pass it around. So I’m passing it around.

IDFG Commission Stand On Domestic Elk Ranches

After reading the IDFG Commissions unanimous stand in the Wild Idaho News on domestic elk ranches I was appalled. What makes them think they are qualified to tell anyone what qualifies as a ‘fair chase’ hunt?

They say absolutely nothing about an outfitter and guide on a private ranch where, they are the only ones allowed to hunt “wild” elk. Then they pick up a “hunter” take him out and walk him up to where the elk are and even call the elk in. He shoots the elk and he is a real hunter and on a ‘fair chase’ hunt. This hunter doesn’t know a whitetail track from a moose track or one thing about where the elk are or why they are there but since IDFG is getting their money that is a ‘fair chase’ hunt.

But if it happens on a private domestic elk ranch where the rancher bought and paid for the elk, fed them in bad winters, protected them from wolves, bears and mountain lions, didn’t kill so many that he had too few for anyone to hunt, gave them injections to prevent disease and checked annually to make sure they didn’t have any contagious diseases but a hunt there isn’t ‘fair chase’; according to the IDFG Commission. Regardless of the how the hunt conditions are it isn’t ‘fair chase’ because they said so. They are such hypocrites.

The IDFG claiming that domestic elk herds present a threat to wild elk herds is just too far a stretch for me and the majority of other knowledgeable hunters to believe. I have to wonder what makes people say and do the things they do.

I am more than disappointed in the IDFG Commission, I am ashamed of the propaganda that I have seen on this subject much of it coming from the IDFG sources.

I am not sure where they started this but when any agency that is primarily funded by hunters money joins the largest group of anti-hunter organization in the nation, don’t you think they should check where they are headed? Maybe their Compass tells them when the game is all gone they will still have jobs. I hope I never need any position or anything so bad I have to support anything like this.

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