December 18, 2017

Why Do Environmentalists Support the Destruction and Pollution Caused by Wind Energy?

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*Update* Since the posting of this article, I have since posted a short movie trailer video called “Windfall” about the facts behind wind energy.

What I don’t understand are the contradictions and hypocrisy surrounding wind energy. Most people who support wind energy also support ideals like clean water, clear air, the environment in general, land preservation, keeping landscapes “natural”, reduction of noise pollution, non destruction of our ecosystems. And yet, they support wind turbine energy. Why?

Often environmental preservationists consider hunters and trappers as the enemy, although these two groups have done more to conserve our environment than perhaps all environmental groups who have come after them. Often environmentalists paint hunters and trappers as consumers of natural resources and yet many, many, many of those fighting against the environmental destruction, including physically, visually and audibly, of wind energy are the hunters, trappers and outdoor sportspeople. So which groups are the radicals?

Here is another example of what is being foisted onto Maine people. A few days ago, I reported on wind turbines that were constructed on the Record Hill area of Roxbury, Maine. This is a follow-up post to that report.

I received more photos with short commentary from Albert Ladd who lives a short distance from the Roxbury wind towers. He provided readers with pictures for the previous post. Mr. Ladd is a hunter and trapper in the region. Below is a short report he filed with me and provided 4 photographs to go along with his commentary.

“Today I went in on the Bunker Pond road to set up a beaver colony [trapping]. Now I’m roughly a half mile from the towers. Cold quiet and no wind down where I was. The sound [from the turbines] is more of a rumble and somewhat sounds like a truck coming and coming, but never gets any closer. I stopped at Bunker like one commenter told of doing [previous article]. There are no camps on Bunker, and it’s a good thing as the noise is quite loud and I bet constant most of the time.

The pictures show the towers and one shows the top of the beaver house [photo 1] with a tower or two seen through the trees [photo 2 & 3]. The rocks are on one of 3 roads that go close to the towers on the way into Bunker [photo 4]. All 3 have been blocked off like this, and I do believe one had a bridge pulled.

I’ve listened to several people through the years that said they’ve drove right up to these towers and heard no sound at all. –RIGHHHHT!

For ever on now the forest around here will have this near constant drone! What a criminal thing to do. Never thought I’d dislike them this much.”

  • DC

    It is only going to get worse. The wind developers have nearly every piece of high ground in Maine already staked out. People are being driven from their homes, thousands of acres of wildlife habitat are being destroyed, birds and bats are being killed….and NRCM and their friends at Reed&Reed Construction are pushing a referendum question that would MANDATE that we get 20% of our electricity from NEW wind turbines!

    Thanks for the update and the photos.

    David P. Corrigan
    Registered Maine Master Guide
    Fletcher Mountain Outfitters
    Concord Township, Maine

  • Anonymous

    We can have none of that!

  • the PUBLIC must be educated..they are being sold a bill of manipulated goods and destruction like this is irreversible..let’s hope some major media outlet has the guts to start telling the truth.

  • Justin Turco

    Hi Tom, Appreciate the update. I knew what you were talking about when you said you were setting up a beaver colony. Sadly, our Forest Supervisor for my region of National Forest lands has just approved a wind project on the Green Mountain National Forest! Can you believe it?! The first wind project in the United States on National Forest Lands and they choose a beech covered, bear infested ridgeline surrounded by beaver bogs and brook trout trickles that up until now ran clear when the rain poured down. I’m sick about it. And I’m sick about what is happening in Maine.

    Vermonters stand with you!

    • Anonymous

      I am among those who spout off about things but when you see this huge contradiction and the blatant hypocrisy, it clearly begins to show that our government and business have an agenda and it really isn’t saving or protection the environment or saving and protecting species. What is the purpose of even having a Green Mountain National Forest if they are going to destroy it?

  • Dave miller

    Al Ladd is a good friend of mine and we have talked a lot in the last couple years of the horrors of the wind energy and its affect on all living things (man & beast). I have written about 30 articles in various papers, magazines, and periodicals on wind issues. I have spoken at press releases, state hearings, and have attended many meetings on the pro/con issues regarding wind.
    There are NO Pro’s that benefit us or reduce our consumption of fossil fuels as claimed. People are padding their pockets at the expense of tax payers and are doing the biding of those wanting a one world government. Much of this stems from the U.N. mandates that they are trying to force on the counties in their push for a One World Government.
    The Con’s are to numerous to report here, but they include degradation of our clean waters, damage to our cold water fisheries, silting of our streams, impact threatened and endangered species (fowl, mammal, reptilian, fish, and insects), killing migrating fowl and bats, and drives away economically important species such as big game and fur bearers. On top of that it destroys thousands upon thousands of acres of habitat, let alone causing medical problems both physically and mentally on we humans when in close proximity (several miles) of the commercial wind farms.
    Thanks Tom & Al for putting more on this out for the public to see.

  • Art Lindgren

    Tom, I agree with you. Isn’t such support of the wind industry contradictory and hypocritical? For a long time I just couldn’t understand where people were coming from. For instance, it would seem to me that if anyone thought it all out it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. So what’s going on?

    I think most community members, as happened in Vinalhaven, have what I term “Green Hat Syndrome” – an easily contracted and contagious affliction usually suffered by well-meaning people who have not done enough homework yet still want to save the world from, among other things, global warming. They all know the wind is free and doesn’t burn fossil fuels. Hence from what they know it doesn’t pollute and stops the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, thus saving the world. What could be bad? Green Hat Syndrome is also characterized by a tendency to hold the “conventional view”, which relieves the afflicted from having to think and do homework. As a result, of course, they don’t (think or do homework). Who wants to do that? So this is a tremendous relief to them. And I gotta say, it’s hard to beat a tremendous releif.

    And with that kind of relief so easily attainable by simply holding the conventional view, and with not much natural defences against Green Hat Syndrome, we should not be surprized by the support for wind energy.

    It’s an education issue. Nobody wants to have to learn the hard stuff. And we haven’t found a good way to get them to do it. I think that most good and honest folks, even a lot of my friends, have contracted a decent case of Green Hat Syndrome and are ripe to be swayed and won over by the likes of NREL, NRCM, Windependence and other proselytizers including the wind industry directly. For instance, Vinalhaven still is unable to admit to themselves that we all have been hoodwinked, even as our rates have gone through the roof since the turbines went online.

    That leaves the question – What are we gonna do about it?


    • Anonymous

      Art – Perhaps what will get done is nothing really but a debate that runs its course much in the same fashion as man-caused climate change. Those that oppose, better read understand the realities of wind energy, are demonized as “deniers”, etc. Worked great for AlGore. He likened us to flat earth people.

      As you said, the “conventional view” (lack of knowledge) is easier to take.

      Now global warming has mostly run its course but there’s still money to be made. Think of the millions of dollars made from this. But for wind power, think of the millions of acres of land and plant and animals species that will be destroyed before enough people come to realize, whooops, it didn’t work.

      Maybe we need a Wikileaks on wind energy to ramp up this discussion.

  • The thought of these monsters coming to the State of Maine is so absurd. Further more the people who initiate the turbine mind set knowing what they know ,you can’t tell me that down deep they don’t know the difference,the crime they are committing everywhere they go is so big it is out of bounds now . These people talk about the change in the weather patterns all over the country. If you stop and think about the wind industry, nobody says anything about the wind turbines changeing the atmosphere,but you have to think of what a fan does; it certainly changes the atmosphere in your house doesn’t it .
    So it only makes sense to me that these turbines are actually changing our atmosphere in a way that is not benificial to man.If you think about the severe weather that some ,{quite a few actually} parts of this country and allot of others countries have experienced in the last few recent years that were blamed on global warming, not by me! These changes have happened to fast hundreds of people have been killed because of this weather.
    We have all been snookerd by a bunch of well educated people who don’t give a crap about the people of this State or anywhere for that matter, or their own family’s in the end the money is NOT going to make this right ,another ? is what and who money are we talking here.
    The EPA , The DEP, our Forestry Dept,. LURC, ETC These agency’s are supposed to be in place to protect the populous from stupid. These people make more than enough money so that they shouldn’t be swayed buy any body or industry to find favor of these projects that are going to do nothing but destroy the environment to this great an extent,this is unacceptable conduct . Have a nice winter,Where’s the snow and cold ?

    • Albert_Ladd

      Found out yesterday that Record Hill Wind Is setting up some sort of sound detection devices In Roxbury. One will be in Thomas’s field just outside Roxbury vilage on Rt 17. Thomas’ house is around 1.4 miles from the towers. Yesterday in his yard you could here them quite well. Yet i’m betting the noise will be within any damage limits as to goverment standards and what not. And i’m sure the noise Isn’t harmfull at that distance, Still who wants to have to listen to it all night during the summer when the windows are open, or your outside enjoying a quiet moment. Or outside working, Just as annoying as a barking dog.
      Yes the people with all the sight and sound impact from these towers, the campers at Roxbury Pond ( Big Ellis)had no say in the matter unless they were a resident of the town, Same way with the campers on Garland (Little Ellis) pond.
      By the way. towers are dead in the air at the moment, and have been that way most of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Nice site Tom. Europe seems to have come around, but it took 20 years of lies and thousands of turbines befoe enough realized they were lied to and the power is not worth the expense. Now there are over 500 anti wind groups, but it took so long to get them started. I am bugging Downeast mag. to do a story and I have included a pic of Upper Pond with the red lights reflecting on the surface for them to use . I would like to see it on the cover. I do not know if they will do anything, but I will write a short story and submit it also. All 13 lakes here in Lincoln and Silver Lake in Lee have the same night show quite often. If we can get better coverage and reach more people it would help. I wish Field and Stream and Outdoor Life would take interest. Who wants to hunt and fish with distracting industrial garbage everywhere? Maybe George Martin…

  • Gempaint

    This; a comment in sun journal.

    Most of the tax payers in Roxbury are against the Industrial Wind Turbines. They are the camp owners that have properties closest to the wind farm. They pay most of Roxbury’s taxes and had no vote. Most of Roxbury’s voters live away from the pond and are not where they will see these eye sores that we all know are the most intrusive least effective way of generating electricity.

    image is USRT 17 Roxbury Maine.

    Angus King is going to say there are no complaints….I say people do not know how.
    It looks like you may have a good list growing here, Tom.

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