January 30, 2023

Seeking Prayers For Our Friend Milt Inman

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Readers who are familiar with the years of content on this blog and the Black Bear Blog, are aware of photographer and lifelong friend Milt Inman. Several years ago, he and I created “Milt’s Corner”, a place where he could pick some of his photographs and share with readers worldwide. We’ve also had fun with “Whatzit?”

A few days ago Milt began experiencing some pain in his shoulder and arm. Early in the morning he headed for the health clinic in nearby Lakeland. It was determined he was not having or had had a heart attack or a stroke. The doctors attempted to give him a stress test and having failed that miserably, they took him across the street to the hospital where they determined he had a blockage in an artery in his heart.

They put in a stint and kept Milt an extra day at the hospital because he is allergic to iodine, a base ingredient in the dye used to find the blockage. He came home feeling much better.

After a day or two, he once again developed similar pain and went back to the clinic/hospital. After another examination, it was determined that he was alright and they told him there could be multiple other things that cause similar pain.

He returned home again and the other day the same pains returned, enough that he opted to call for an ambulance ride to the ER.

Today, Milt is back home. The doctors have told him that he is experiencing some form of angina and the medications he is taking should take care of that and he should be feeling better soon.

I’m guessing that all of this activity and uncertainty has taken its toll on the old boy as he’s not used to being down. He has always been very active and to be asked to sit still, rest and relax is not something easily accomplished.

I have every reason to believe he will be fine. If you can find a second or two, please say a prayer for Milt and his wife. They do have friends and family nearby and are thankful for that.

I hesitated initially to share this in a public forum but I know many of you would like to know. We can expect to see more of Milt’s fine photography in the future. But right now we need him to get some rest and then we can beat the brush again in one of our infamous Florida photo shoots.

You can leave well wishes in the comment section below and I will make sure he gets them all. If some of you wish to mail him a card or something, please email me and I will send you his mailing address.

Tom Remington