March 20, 2023

Maine Warden and His Dog Find Body of Missing Florida Firefighter

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From the Bangor Daily News, a report comes that the body of a missing Florida man was found in the woods near the small town of Newburgh, Maine.

A portion of that report states that:

Ten Maine game wardens and about 20 others began searching for the body in Newburgh about 8 a.m. Wednesday. Game Warden Norman Lewis of Bryant Pond and his dog Clyde found the body around 9:30 a.m. about 150 feet off a short woods road that runs off Dahlia Farm Road, authorities said.

I know Norman Lewis and his family and have for a few years. I also have had the pleasure of meeting his dog and close friend “Clyde”. Below is a photo of Mr. Lewis and Clyde, when Clyde was just a puppy. I believe the photo I took at Albany Hunting Camp in November of 2009, when Norm and Clyde stopped in for a visit.

Clyde, not unlike any dog, was as much interested in what was available to table scraps as anything. However, he was well-behaved and Norm Lewis spent a great deal of time bragging on about Clyde, as anyone in this position would be expected to do.

Lewis and Clyde were teamed up when Clyde was very young. They have a special bond.

Photo by Tom Remington