January 19, 2018

Summary For Maine’s 2011/2012 Intensive Coyote & Predation Management

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  • Mainiac710

    Actually, this winter is the third year in a row that winters have been much milder than their historical average. The state biologist stationed up in Portage has been telling deer hunters that the coming hunting season will be a whopper…..so buy your license and go!

    If only he could control the bear & coyote predation on newborn fawns! Sadly,only about 25% of them will live to see 6 months of age. That appallingly low rate of recruitment guarantees the deer population will not recover in spite of the better weather and 119 fewer coyotes!

    • TRemington

      Do you think 25% is a bit on the high side? Just asking.

      • Mainiac710

        It very well could be less than 25% !!

        • KurtJLane

          no studies about recruitment have been done here. That would only prove what us dumb sports have been saying for years. We put on enough pressure on buck/doe ratios that that made a half hearted attempt at a fetus viability study on roadkill does, but the numbers were few and I assume they now think we’ve forgotten about it. every one knows the brush wolf control will fail as well, it’s bound to when our bio’s are involved, no matter what the method.