December 18, 2017

Coyote Now Blamed For Increased Levels of Lyme Disease

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I would suppose the findings in a recent study should add another nail in the coffin of the coyote, a resilient, perpetuating varmint that spreads disease, kills far too many prey species and in many cases interrupts the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness of people.

This new study suggests that the increased presence of coyotes, reduces the populations of red fox, a smaller varmint that more readily feasts on the small mice that are the major culprits of carrying and spreading the Lyme tick.

  • Mainiac710

    Last night before bed, I took the dogs out for their customary stroll on our property beneath a black sky full of stars. It was a beautiful evening; warm, calm, and hundreds of fireflies were dancing through the air, putting on quite a light show!

    And then I heard it. The unanswered mournful, disconsolate howl of a lone coyote! It was as if he was looking for a companion to join him as he began his night of terror. Instantly, I realized I had more work to do this coming trapping season. Go ahead and taunt me, I thought to myself as I made a mental note of his location, and thanks for letting me know where you live.

    As I returned to the house, a feeling of great sadness came over me for all the fawns that will die in his jaws between now and then. It was otherwise, a good walk, spoiled!

  • Bonedog

    BTW. Nature is always in balance.

  • KurtJLane

    Hmm, obviously not a peer reviewed study, by the “peers” on the pay roll of peta, wam and the like. Just has to be flawed data, has to be.