November 26, 2022

Bearing the Burden of Beastly Bears, Banal Balderdash and Bully Bobbies

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Reports are everywhere these days of people seeing bears in their yards and attacking their bird feeders, rummaging through garbage and even tearing down flagpoles to get a bird feeder. So far, even though reports of human/bear encounters is nearly double that of last year at this same time, nobody has gotten hurt in Maine. This is not the case in nearby New Hampshire, where a woman was slashed by a bear when she opened her door to let her dog out.

The balderdash that is often spewed by wildlife officials and others is that bears won’t harm humans. We are told to keep our garbage inside and take bird feeders down, which is good advice, but it is not good advice to dismiss, off hand, the fact that bears can be quite unpredictable and are governed by circumstances that drive them to survive, including the search for food. Depending upon the severity of effects from such circumstances, it can place an individual in a very precarious situation if presented to a very hungry, protective or angry bear. Bear that in mind when outside.

In Penobscot, Maine, a resident is not only battling bears tearing up his property but he is feuding with the Maine Warden Service over whether such actions provides him the opportunity to shoot bears ripping down bird feeders, crushing his garbage cans and destroying his barbecue grill. The Warden Service said that kind of personal property isn’t considered personal property in which bears need to be destroyed to warrant killing the bear. The owner of the property thinks otherwise. He claims next time he’ll kill the bear and suffer the consequences of jail time and a fine.