December 9, 2023

Connecticut: Counting and Killing Bears

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While Connecticut biology students are stringing barbed wire and stealing bear hair samples, aimed at examining DNA in hopes of making a better guess at how many bears there really are in Connecticut, other officials are killing nuisance bears.

The Connecticut black bear brass claim there’s 500 bears in the Constitution State. That guess is probably as good as me guessing the average number of whiskers on the face of a werewolf at midnight at the height of the full moon in foggy London town.

In the meantime, residents are having to deal with what appears to be an ever increasing number of encounters with bears. In Madison, one guy films a bear in his back yard from an open window in the house. The bear charges the man who quickly shuts the window. In the video below, note the matching set of earrings the bear is wearing. And, oh yeah, the bear was eventually killed.

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